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Case Study


Enhanced Connectivity, Engaged Members & Guests: The Impact of Next-Generation Wi-Fi


The primary objective was to overhaul the outdated Wi-Fi system, delivering robust and comprehensive coverage throughout the maxstoke park golf club's facilities, including all internal spaces and key external outbuildings. Additionally, the project aimed to enhance guest engagement by integrating a guest Wi-Fi platform that could capture visitor data for future communication and marketing efforts.


The solution entailed deploying advanced Cambium Wi-Fi 6 access points & switching to ensure highspeed, reliable coverage throughout the club, complemented by strategic wireless point-to-point connections for extending service to external outbuildings. A guest Wi-Fi interface was also introduced to securely gather visitor data, bolstering the club’s marketing outreach


Enhanced User Experience: Members and guests now enjoy uninterrupted, highspeed Wi-Fi provided by Flexible Wi-Fi throughout the club's facilities, improving their overall experience and satisfaction. Improved Operations: Reliable and robust Wi-Fi connectivity in all areas, including remote buildings, supports the club's operations, enabling staff to work efficiently and utilize cloud-based tools and applications without connectivity issues. Improved Operations: With the ability to capture email addresses from guests using the Wi-Fi network, the club can implement targeted marketing campaigns, share promotions, and keep members & guests informed about upcoming events, driving repeat visits and stronger customer relationships.

Challenges During Guest Engagement

  • Outdated Wi-Fi infrastructure with inadequate coverage
  • Poor internet speed in remote club areas
  • Limited connectivity for external buildings
  • Inefficient data capture for guest engagement

Advanced Wi-Fi Solutions at Maxstoke Park

  • Enterprise grade Cambium Wi-Fi 6 access points installed
  • Point-to-point links extended reach to all on-site buildings
  • Integrated guest Wi-Fi for efficient data capture
  • 24/7/365 support
“With Flexible WiFi’s upgrade, we have seen a remarkable improvement in both coverage and member satisfaction. Their team provided an impeccable, swift service that has truly modernised our facility”.Luke Ryan - General Manager Maxstoke Park Golf Club