Wifi Site Surveys

Achieve optimal business wireless network performance with Flexible WiFi.
As a flexible workspace, hospitality provider or retail environment, it’s crucial to get your WiFi right. In fact, a fuss-free WiFi network is critical to a great user experience and can be the difference between happy or dissatisfied staff and customers.
At Flexible WiFi, we know that there are many things that can hamper a reliable service, which is why our comprehensive network site surveys form an essential part of our planning and design processes.
Prior to installation, we will assess everything from cabling and area density to capacity, channel planning and wall thickness to ensure unbeatable signal strength and optimal coverage for your network.
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What Is A WiFi Survey?

A WiFi site survey is a virtual or physical assessment of the location in which a wireless network is set to be installed. Depending on the type of service you use, your site surveyor may combine the use of specialist survey software to analyse your building's floor plans with an on-site visit to gain a more accurate picture of the issues that could affect your coverage.
A comprehensive survey will not only help to pinpoint these issues but also come up with solutions to overcome them, using this information to develop a suitable infrastructure and ensure optimal WiFi performance long after installation.
At Flexible WiFi, our accredited engineers have years of experience in putting together detailed site survey reports that feature key information such as the number of users, the type of devices and which applications will be most frequently used on your Wi Fi network. They’ll also use best-in-class Ekahau planning and predictive survey tools to find faults in your existing network and test your infrastructure to determine whether it’s robust, reliable and sophisticated enough to scale alongside your business.
A WiFi survey gives our team the information they need to build your network from the ground up, ensuring full coverage for every user and guaranteeing high-performance at every turn.

Planning Is Everything

It’s a myth that simply adding more access points to poorly served areas will boost coverage. In fact, it’s usually the opposite. Through conducting a site survey, our experts will gain an understanding of the physical space they’re working with and devise a solution that overcomes any potential obstacles to secure, trouble-free internet access.
Our WiFi site surveys gather information on the radio frequency environment of a building or location and include a network audit, a full analysis of your current and future requirements, an assessment of your core services and software and a comprehensive inspection of your infrastructure.
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Fixed fee WiFi site surveys

For a fixed fee, we’ll provide you with a detailed report and design that forms the basis of any network recommendations we make. Ensuring optimal coverage and reliable WiFi connectivity is an investment in the future of your building and is a service we provide to businesses of all shapes and sizes, from small start-up offices to stadiums.

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