Empowering Connected Communities with Optix WiFi

As proud members of the Flexible Space Association, we are committed to advancing the dynamic world of flexible workspaces. Our unique integration with Optix App streamlines access, encourages check-in behaviour, ensures robust connectivity, and fosters an environment conducive to innovation and collaboration.
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Streamline Operations With Optix’s Coworking Software

Our OptixApp integration is revolutionising the coworking experience by giving users the ability to automate desk booking, meeting room booking, invoicing and payment and more. Everything can be accessed and controlled via an easy-to-use mobile app, allowing flexible workplaces to streamline visitor management tasks, automate billing and provide a much more seamless overall user experience.
Flexible WiFi’s cutting-edge coworking management software solution equips users with a personal WiFi passphrase and segregates customers into private VLANs. We ensure unparalleled security and privacy whilst enhancing the responsible use of flexible workspaces.
Collaboration is made easy as we integrate team members into the same VLAN, creating a dedicated Local Area Network (LAN) for each company. Additionally, users' WiFi credentials and allowances are managed within OptixApp, fostering an accountable community within centres. The connection only goes live upon check-in, ensuring optimal resource allocation, adherence to allowances, and enhanced security.
Optix WiFi is a seamless, secure and straightforward digital solution that promotes responsible use, enabling you to focus on what truly matters - your work. Through meticulous site surveys using Ekahau, we guarantee solid WiFi 6 coverage throughout your building and unparalleled high-speed internet connectivity. Experience the future of coworking spaces with Flexible WiFi today.
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