We're only too aware that we'll all be facing huge environmental challenges in the coming years. So we do everything we can to reduce the impact our business has on the environment now, and we're always looking for ways we can improve.
We're efficient with resources, use renewable energy if we can and dispose of waste sensibly. Wherever possible, we try to re-use and repurpose existing equipment, but if we can't, obsolete laptops and computer equipment are recycled through a charity partner.
We encourage our people to work flexibly and to car share, and we’re part of the Green Commute Initiative which helps us buy bikes and cycle to work if we can.
It's important that our suppliers also demonstrate a commitment to reducing their impact on the environment - so we review them regularly to make sure we're happy with their sustainability policies.
And of course, many of our products are designed to improve our clients' sustainability, to reduce their energy consumption and increase capacity which helps them maximise their space and their resources.


We use technology to design solutions that make life easier and better. This approach is reflected in the way we look after our people, both our team members and our clients.
We've created a supportive and inclusive working environment that encourages and welcomes fresh ideas, communication and original thinking. It goes without saying that competitive packages are included as part of the deal, along with flexible working opportunities, clear policies, and a flat organisation structure.
We're an equal opportunities employer and provide learning and development opportunities for everyone. Unfair, discriminatory, illegal and immoral work practices simply aren't tolerated, within our business, in the relationship with our clients, or in the supply chain.
We love what we do. We're professional but not corporate. We work hard and we're driven - but we also listen. We're practical - we find solutions to problems - but we're not dull. We help to reduce admin and streamline processes. We find ways to make life easier.


As a technology company, IT security is vitally important and we take both ours and that of our clients very seriously. All products are regularly tested, and installation and upgrades are carefully designed and managed on site.
We have a robust data privacy policy which is supported by internal systems to ensure the privacy of client data. We’re passionate about equal opportunities and personal development – and our corporate social responsibility measures are designed to safeguard against bribery, corruption, misconduct and cyber security.