Retail WiFi Solutions

Improve customer experience and staff satisfaction with reliable wireless networks for retail stores, hotels and the wider hospitality industry.
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Retail WiFi networks you can trust

In the modern world, having a fast, dependable Wi-Fi connection is essential to your retail environment.
Our robust wireless network solutions can help you streamline important tasks and improve customer engagement by enabling your staff to carry out stock checks, validate orders and process payments with ease.
Point of sale systems need to work instantly and securely, and 'click and collect' services can leave your customers frustrated if there are delays. Our secure, efficient in-store WiFi systems will smooth everyday operations and help build trust and loyalty with your customers.
With our managed WiFi service, retailers will have access to:
  • Continually monitored to make sure you stay connected
  • Support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Help to adapt when things change

Real-time insights with our hospitality WiFi platform

In addition to helping your staff create a seamless shopping experience, we also offer hassle-free guest WiFi for hospitality businesses.
We do this with Shout!, an innovative WiFi portal designed for those who work in customer-facing roles. Once restaurant or hotel guests have inputted their details to gain access to the building’s WiFi, Shout! keeps this information on file and allows you to build a database of customers to market to at a later date.
On Shout!’s easy-to-use dashboard, you can view statistics, analyse behaviour and browse other GDPR-compliant data before sending out targeted SMS or email marketing campaigns to promote your goods and services and increase revenue.
Crucially, this platform can also be fully branded with your visual identity to ensure a consistent guest experience from start to finish.

Interested in retail or hotel WiFi?

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