Shout!: Intelligent Guest WiFi Management

Unlock the full potential of guest WiFi with Shout! Our innovative portal helps you harness the power of your WiFi service to build customer relationships, drive sales and achieve your goals.
Because hotel guests, restaurant diners and other types of hospitality customers are often more than happy to share their details to gain access to a WiFi network, using a WiFi portal is a simple way of collecting information on your target market. This will allow you to build a profile of your customers and send offers, product information and review requests at a later date, all while you keep an eye on engagement stats via your very own dashboard.
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Custom-Branded WiFi Marketing And Analytics Platform For The Hospitality And Leisure Industries

SMS Marketing Campaigns

Send customers discount offers

Email customers latest products & services

Collect Tripadvisor reviews

With Shout!, businesses in the hospitality and leisure industries can create personalised WiFi portals that offer a seamless and engaging user experience for their customers, while also collecting valuable data and insights on customer behaviour and preferences that inform future marketing campaigns. Shout! helps turn WiFi into an investment rather than a cost, and provides businesses with a powerful tool to drive business growth and customer loyalty.
In addition to providing a WiFi experience of a quality that your guests expect, Shout! is GDPR-compliant, meaning that it meets the requirements of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation for data privacy and security. Our easy-to-use guest WiFi solution features a captive portal that collects valuable customer data in real time before granting full internet access to your guests. Once you have collected this data, it is stored in a secure and compliant manner, ready for use in any subsequent WiFi marketing efforts.

Intelligent WiFi For Hotels, Bars, Restaurants & More

Shout! provides business owners with a range of marketing and engagement tools, such as email and SMS marketing campaigns, social media integrations, and loyalty programmes, to help them reach their target audience, improve customer engagement and increase revenue.
With our unique Wi-Fi solution, you can easily manage your wireless networks and take advantage of numerous user authentication and network security features, ensuring that your guests experience a high-quality WiFi connection without the risk of their data falling into the wrong hands.
Crucially, Shout! also integrates with other business tools and platforms, such as CRMs, POS systems, and marketing automation software, to streamline workflows and improve data management and analysis.
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