Flexible Workspace WiFi Solutions

We provide optimised workspace internet connections to help flexible offices cut costs and increase productivity.

Stay Connected With The UK’s Leading Flex Space WiFi Provider

Post-Covid, whether it’s in the form of hybrid working or altered office hours, most workspaces have adapted to some degree of flexibility. Flexible workspaces, which adapt to the changing needs of a business and its employees, have been catering to a diverse set of requirements for much longer.
Our innovative WiFi and network management solutions are perfect for these kinds of thriving office spaces and hard-working business communities and will give your tenants and employees the high-speed, hassle-free internet access they need to get the job done.
From serviced offices and multi-tenanted buildings to companies that operate out of multiple locations, we can provide you with full connectivity and up-to-the-minute data to help you meet the needs of your tenants.
Our WiFi for flexible workspaces is secure, reliable and resilient. Sign up today and our experts will monitor your network to keep you and your team connected, providing support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Manage & Optimise Your Workspace WiFi

Our easy-to-use WIFi portals will help you manage your workspace, reduce admin time and generate revenue.
With Kick Back, your users can register, select a package, book meeting rooms and desks and get online in their own secure environment within minutes of entering the building. As a business, you're selling your products and services without lifting a finger.
Or you can stay in control with Concierge, and make your life easier too. This portal allows your team to set up guests quickly, assign them specific ports and IPs, and book desks and meeting rooms for them in advance of their visit.
We also offer a sophisticated IoT platform that collects data on football, access control, air quality and energy usage. With this data, you can find ways to cut costs, maximise your space and create a safer, healthier environment for guests, staff and tenants alike.
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Kick Back

The ultimate self-service tool. With Kick Back, your users can register their details, choose an internet package and set up their own WiFi. As all of this is automated, you’re generating revenue without having to leave your desk.


Use Concierge to allocate accounts and services, set up fixed port and wireless access and book desks and meeting rooms. Everything can be organised in advance, creating a seamless experience for both guests and tenants.

Want to get the right WiFi for your flexible workspace?

Contact our team to find out more about what we can offer. Once you’re happy, one of our expert engineers will conduct a full survey of your premises, infrastructure and network and tailor a package that’s right for your business.
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