WiFi Portals

Our WiFi portals make it easy for you to manage your wireless networks and the people that use them, helping you save time, collect customer data and streamline everyday processes.

What Is Captive Portal WiFi?

A WiFi captive portal is a web page shown to users who are trying to gain access to a public Wi-Fi network. This landing page, which is often password-protected, will typically feature information such as how much it costs to use the network and how long it can be used for. The login page of a captive portal can also provide businesses with an additional space to promote their goods and services.
In addition to obtaining access via a password, there are times when access may be granted to users once they provide certain information about themselves, such as their name, gender and email address, or sign in via a social media account. This type of data capture will lay the groundwork for future marketing campaigns, in which businesses can upsell their customers. Once users have access to the internet via this portal, businesses can then monitor their behaviour and gain valuable insights into how the connection is being used.
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We Specialise In Cafe, Hospitality & Hotel WiFi Portals

At Flexible WiFi, our easy-to-use WiFi portals help take the hassle out of everyday admin and create opportunities for your business to create revenue. Whether you own a gym, cafe, restaurant, hotel or retail environment, our flexible interfaces can help you onboard visitors, assign internet access and gather GDPR-compliant data with ease.
Intuitive and accessible, these platforms are built for staff and guests alike, allowing you to maintain control over your system whilst granting a certain level of autonomy to your users. What’s more, whatever solution you choose, we’ll make sure it’s quick, easy and secure.
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Our Guest WiFi Solutions

Sometimes simple is best. Our most basic portal allows your visitors to agree to your terms and conditions and hop online in an instant. Nothing more to it – apart from adding your company branding.
Improve your network security, impose limits on usage and eliminate connectivity issues with our suite of WiFi portals.


Stay in control, but make it easier. With Concierge, your team allocates accounts and services, sets up fixed port and wireless access and books desks and meeting rooms.
Facilities can be organised in advance, creating a slick and seamless experience for tenants and guests alike.
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Kick Back

The ultimate in self-service. Your users can register, select an internet package and set up their own WiFi. As an operator, you’re selling products and services without lifting a finger.
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Designed specifically for the retail, hospitality and leisure industries, Shout! includes a wealth of interactive services to enhance customer loyalty and engagement. You can view statistics, analyse behaviour, quickly gather GDPR-compliant data – and communicate through social media in just a few clicks. Shout! can be fully branded with your unique visual identity.
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Contact us to find out how our Wi-Fi portals can give staff and guests greater control over internet access and add another revenue stream to your business. We'll start with a full survey of your premises, infrastructure and network and tailor a package that’s right for you.
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