Reliable WiFi Solutions For Businesses

Your users have a variety of needs but one thing in common – they demand continuous and secure connectivity.
It's crucial to get your WiFi right. It has to be robust because everyone uses it. It has to be fast because everyone expects it to be. It has to be secure because it's continuously transferring sensitive and confidential data. And it has to be scalable because you never know where your business will take you.
At Flexible WiFi, we offer fast, reliable and secure networking solutions to clients in various sectors, from those tasked with managing traditional office spaces to retailers who require dependable WiFi access throughout their stores. Our carefully managed wireless networks provide optimal coverage and problem-free internet connections to all manner of businesses throughout the UK, with safety, sustainability and efficiency standard features of all of our packages.
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Business & Office WiFi Designed For The Future

When you get in touch, we’ll assess your current requirements and meticulously plan enterprise-grade access points and serving infrastructure to ensure full, robust coverage for all of your users.
Our business WiFi solutions are also unique in that they are designed with the future in mind. This means that no matter how many times your footprint changes, or how much your portfolio grows, our scalable networks will continue to offer secure and seamless WiFi connections to your tenants, employees and visitors alike, wherever and however they choose to work.

WiFi Site Surveys

A WiFi site survey gathers information about the number of users, the type of devices, and which applications will most commonly be used on your network. It will also analyse the radiofrequency environment of your location, as well as several other factors such as the thickness of the walls and where the windows are situated.
As it incorporates both a physical and virtual inspection, a WiFi survey gives us everything we need to build your network from the ground up, ensuring optimal upload speeds, seamless coverage and high-performance at all times.
When conducting a survey, our accredited WiFi engineers will use best-in-class Ekahau planning tools to guarantee a wireless local area network (WLAN) that’s reliable, robust and scalable, paying attention to your budget and requirements every step of the way.

Prioritise Security

If you include WiFi as part of an overall rent or service charge, then you're classed as the ISP and the security of your network is your responsibility.
Fortunately, we use industry-leading technology to build networks that meet the highest levels of security and compliance. We create single user-secured access, guaranteeing flexibility and speed, but also security from external threats and between the users within your space.

Get The Ultimate Business Wi-Fi

With companies of all sizes now requiring high standards of connectivity for internal staff as well as customers and clients, our cloud-based managed WiFi services are more vital than ever.
Get in touch today to find out how we can help your business or workspace. We'll start with a full survey of your premises, infrastructure and network before tailoring a package that’s right for you.
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