Wired Local Area Networks

Even though wireless networks have many advantages, they may not always be the best choice for your business.
With a wired infrastructure, you’ll have access to a stable, reliable and high-speed internet connection that makes light work of all of your internal processes.
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What Is A Wired Network?

In a wired network, cables are used to connect devices to the internet. The most common way of doing this is via an Ethernet connection, which involves plugging a router’s Ethernet cable directly into a device, such as a laptop or desktop computer. As the use of wires means that such devices can’t be moved around very easily, wired networks are best suited to environments with a constant setup.
A wired local area network (LAN) connects computers and other devices in a single location, using access points, switches, firewalls and routers. This kind of infrastructure works well in both small and large business settings, with a certain amount of Ethernet ports required for smaller networks and additional configuration needed for larger networks.
In a typical office space, a wired LAN connection is crucial for ensuring the effectiveness of a range of technologies, including CCTV cameras, servers, telephones and door entry systems.

Advantages Of Wired Networks

Even though wireless connectivity has several benefits, there are also times when a wired connection is the best option for your business needs. Here are some of the biggest advantages of wired networks.

Faster Speeds

Thanks to the use of Gigabit routers and the limited amount of network traffic, wired networks operate at much faster speeds than wireless networks. By connecting to the internet via Ethernet cables, device speed also isn’t impeded by concrete walls or any other physical obstructions, which makes for a more reliable connection.

Greater Stability

As they involve a physical link to the internet, wired LANs offer less chance of signal interference and poor connectivity, allowing office staff to complete everyday tasks without issue.

Better Security

Firewalls and the other security features configured on wired networks help to protect against unauthorised access. As long as these networks are regularly monitored, sensitive data will be kept safe and traffic kept to a minimum.

More Control Over Accessibility

Wired networks are not visible to any other network, which makes unwanted access to them virtually impossible. Reduced opportunities for interference help to keep these networks reliable, stable and secure.

Secure & Resilient Network Connection

At Flexible WiFi, we use enterprise-grade switching alongside a fully certified cabling infrastructure and full PoE flood patching with multi-gigabit access in all of our wired networks.
To ensure security after installation, our network administrators will continually monitor the status and performance of your connection around the clock and down to the individual port. Our automated processes detect issues instantly, so we can resolve them as soon as they occur and reduce any downtime for your business.

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