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Case Study


Seamless Connectivity, Empowered Members: Revolutionising The Wheelhouse Experience with Advanced Wi-Fi Solutions


The main objective for Flexible Wi-Fi in collaborating with TheWheelhouse was to create a sophisticated, user-friendly Wi-Fi system across their network of coworking spaces. Central to this was ensuring a secure, reliable, and intuitive internet experience for all members, even in locations without on-site staff. A pivotal challenge was to guarantee individual security and network autonomy for each member.


Flexible WiFi's innovative approach involved integrating the WiFi setup with the Optix app at all Wheelhouse locations. This integration allowed for the provision of individual private EPSK (Encrypted Pre-Shared Key) to each member, linked to their own VLAN, thus ensuring robust security and privacy. Upon check-in through Optix, members receive their unique PSK, enabling a secure and personalised Wi-Fi experience. Additionally, Flexible WiFi introduced a comprehensive 24/7/365 support system, enabling Wheelhouse members to directly address any internet issues, thereby alleviating the need for Wheelhouse staff to engage in technical troubleshooting.


The deployment of Flexible WiFi's system in The Wheelhouse coworking spaces has been exceptionally successful. Feedback from members highlights a high level of satisfaction with the secure, efficient, and user-friendly Wi-Fi service. The Optix app integration and individual VLANs have established a new benchmark in coworking space connectivity, offering unmatched security and personalisation. The 24/7 support system not only bolsters member confidence in the Wi-Fi infrastructure but also frees Wheelhouse staff to concentrate on their primary roles, secure in the knowledge that Wi-Fi concerns are expertly managed. This project exemplifies Flexible WiFi’s ability to deliver pioneering, reliable, and customer-focused Wi-Fi solutions in dynamic coworking environments.   Interested in enhancing internet security for coworking spaces? Reach out to our approachable and expert team for more information on how we can help.

The Challenge - Coworking Space Connectivity

  • Mixed Wi-Fi infrastructure with inadequate coverage
  • No support across locations
  • Limited visibility who is using the centres and when
  • Unsecure networks

Our Wifi Solution for Shared Workspaces

  • Enterprise grade Cambium Wi-Fi 6 access points installed
  • Unique member access based on PMS (Optix) check-in status
  • 24/7/365 support for members
““With Flexible WiFi’s upgrades, we have seen a remarkable improvement in both coverage and member satisfaction. Their team provided an impeccable, swift service that has truly modernised our facility”Harry Turner - Co-Founder & MD The Wheelhouse Group