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Case Study

Infinity Serviced Offices

Seamless Wi-Fi coverage across the entire building, tenants ringfenced & secure. Enabling a new revenue stream with bandwidth packages & voice solutions


Our foremost aim was to revamp the dated Wi-Fi infrastructure at Infinity Serviced Offices Dudley, ensuring robust and extensive coverage throughout the business centre, inclusive of all serviced offices, meeting rooms, and communal areas. Additionally, we aspired to augment guest engagement by introducing a guest Wi-Fi platform, capable of gathering visitor data for future communication and marketing initiatives.


Our approach involved the deployment of cutting-edge Cambium Wi-Fi 6 access points and switches, assuring high- speed and reliable coverage across the business centre. We placed each tenant in individual VLANs, providing each office with their private network. Moreover, a guest Wi-Fi interface was established to securely accumulate visitor data, thereby enhancing the centre's marketing strategies in line with GDRP regulations.


The implementation of Flexible Wi-Fi's solution at Infinity Serviced Offices Dudley brought about transformative benefits. The businesses within the centre now enjoy uninterrupted, high- speed internet connectivity, vital for their day-to-day operations. The introduction of individual VLANs for each business has significantly enhanced network security and data privacy, an essential feature for modern enterprises. This robust network infrastructure has not only boosted productivity by minimising downtime but also provided a competitive edge to the businesses by allowing them to leverage digital tools and services more effectively. Additionally, the improved Wi-Fi experience has been instrumental in attracting and retaining tenants, thereby enhancing the overall reputation and desirability of the business centre as a leading, technologically advanced workplace.

Challenges in Office WiFi Connectivity

  • Outdated Wi-Fi infrastructure with inadequate coverage
  • Poor support and manual patching required
  • Limited support
  • Lack of Security between client networks

Innovative Wi-Fi 6 Solutions

  • Enterprise grade Cambium Wi-Fi 6 access points installed
  • Private networks for each business ensuring total security
  • Backup internet connection with auto-failover in the event of an outage
  • 24/7/365 support
With Flexible WiFi nothing is too much trouble & support is instant! We find them very supportive, friendly, professional, and always happy to go the extra mile for us. We would highly recommend Flexible WiFi for business centre internet & WiFi!”Shakeel Khan - Business Centre Manager Infinity Serviced Offices Dudley