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Case Study


Emergency Internet Connectivity Sub 1 Hour Rapid Response call-out


The golf club found themselves with emergency internet issues one Friday morning during peak season. With all operational systems reliant on their internet connectivity they were set to have to close over the weekend when nobody from Openreach could come out to resolve the issue with their fault line which had been damaged during bad weather.


The club got in touch with Flexible WiFi after discovering we offer an rapid response emergency internet service. Within 1 hour of the initial call Flexible WiFi were on site with a van full of equipment giving various options to getting the club back online. Because of the remote location of the club, it was determined that a Starlink satellite system would be the fastest and most efficient fix. The team securely installed the system and configured it into the existing LAN infrastructure ensuring seamless user experience with emergency Wi-Fi.  


Seamless User Experience: Staff as well as members and guests of the club were able enjoy uninterrupted, high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the site. Many commenting on how the network felt faster than the original. Staff were able to take payments and the site was still secure with the CCTV system remaining online which relies on an internet connection. Retained Revenues: The magnitude of the situation was that across the weekend, the clubs takings were over £9,000 which would have been completely lost due to not being able to open had Flexible WiFi not been able to step in.

Addressing Internet Challenges at Remote Golf Club Locations

  • Remote Location.
  • Limited options to obtain speeds required to run the club.
  • Club facing weekend closure during peak season.


  • Sub 1 Hour team on-site
  • Starlink system secured to roof space.
  • Configured into existing LAN.
  • 24/7 support during lifecycle of requirement.
“Flexible WIFI really stepped up! They came out within 1 hour and installed emergency WIFI to get us through the weekend, which would have been disastrous for our club, not being able to use the tills or take any card payments. On top of that, the speed of the emergency internet provided was super fast and didn't go down once! I would recommend this service to anyone.”Ian McCairns - General Manager Coventry Hearsall Golf Club