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Case Study


Enhanced Connectivity, Engaged Customers & Guests: The Impact of Next-Generation Wi-Fi


The primary objective was to overhaul the outdated Wi-Fi system, delivering robust and comprehensive coverage throughout City Vault’s facilities, including all operational areas and key external outbuildings. Additionally, the project aimed to enhance guest engagement by integrating our Wi-Fi platform (Shout!)that captures visitor data for future communication and marketing efforts.


The solution entailed deploying advanced Cambium Wi-Fi 6 access points & switching to ensure highspeed, reliable coverage throughout the restaurant, complemented by an enterprise grade FortiNet firewall and a 1Gbit/s dedicated Leased Line. Shout!, our guest Wi-Fi interface was also introduced to securely gather visitor data, bolstering the location’s marketing outreach


Enhanced User Experience: Guests now enjoy uninterrupted, high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the club's facilities, improving their overall experience and satisfaction. Improved Operations: Reliable and robust Wi-Fi connectivity in all areas, including Kitchens, supports the venues operations, enabling staff to work efficiently and utilise cloudbased tools and applications without connectivity issues. Marketing and Engagement Opportunities: With the ability to capture email addresses from guests using the Wi-Fi network, the venue can implement targeted marketing campaigns, share promotions, and keep the community informed about upcoming events, driving repeat visits and stronger customer relationships.

Overcoming WiFi Hurdles in Busy Dining Settings

  • Outdated Wi-Fi infrastructure with inadequate coverage.
  • Poor internet speed in many areas.
  • Open network venerable to security breeches .
  • Inefficient data capture for guest engagement.

Setting Up Advanced WiFi Solutions

  • Enterprise grade Cambium Wi-Fi 6 access points installed.
  • Enterprise Grade Security via Fortinet Firewall.
  • Integrated guest Wi-Fi for efficient data capture.
  • 24/7/365 support
“when Flexible Wifi stepped in, it was like a long-awaited revolution in our digital infrastructure. Their expertise not only facilitated a smooth installation of our new connection, but they also significantly upgraded our equipment, safety protocols, and marketing data.”Richard Cullen - Head of Marketing, Digital & Technology Withernsea Investments