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Case Study

Autism Plus Care Home's 5G & Wi-Fi Upgrade - A Case Study

Empowering Digital Care: Flexible Wifi's 5G and Wi-Fi Solution Revolutionises Patient Record-Keeping at Autism Plus


The project at Autism Plus's assisted living home in Doncaster, undertaken by Flexible Wifi, was driven by the need to meet new guidelines set by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) encouraging digital patient record-keeping. The challenge was to overcome the limitations of the existing ADSL connection, which was delivering speeds of under 3Mbit/s, and the underperforming Ubiquiti system. The goal was to provide high-speed, reliable internet connectivity throughout the facility to enhance operational efficiency for staff and improve residents' quality of life


Flexible Wifi responded with a dual-strategy solution. Firstly, a comprehensive Cambium Wi-Fi setup was installed for extensive coverage across the facility. Secondly, to address the inadequate ADSL connection, a cutting-edge 5G solution was implemented. This combination not only replaced the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure but also significantly boosted internet speeds, ensuring the facility could meet CQC guidelines for digital record-keeping and provide a superior internet experience.


This transformation has had a profound impact. The 5G solution has escalated internet speeds to around 150Mbit/s, enabling staff to efficiently manage digital patient records in line with CQC guidelines. This is a substantial improvement from the previous 3Mbit/s speeds. Staff can now access and update records promptly anywhere in the building, greatly enhancing care delivery. Residents also enjoy the benefits of this high-speed connectivity, fostering better engagement and connectivity with the outside world.

Digital Healthcare Challenges

  • Outdated Wi-Fi infrastructure with inadequate coverage
  • Poor internet speed in remote location
  • Difficulty meeting CQC guidelines with poor connectivity across the site

5G Internet Solutions in Healthcare

  • Enterprise grade Cambium Wi-Fi 6 access points installed
  • High speed 5G connectivity across the entire site for staff and residents
  • 24/7/365 support
“CQC's digital record-keeping guidelines were a pivotal challenge for us. Thanks to Flexible Wifi's innovative 5G and Wi-Fi solution, we've not only met these requirements but have significantly enhanced care efficiency and resident connectivity. This technology has truly transformed how we deliver care at Autism Plus.”Sarita Kumari - Digital Transformation Lead